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World Men’s Handball Championship 2009 – Starting on January 16 in Zagreb, Croatia

The champions for 2007 World Men’s Handball Championship were FRG who played the test against Polska and won by 29-24. The winners of the Bronze Medal Game were Denmark who won by 34-27 against France.  This assemblage the major circumstance for handball module be held in Croatia where 24 teams from 5 assorted confederations module compete for the Men’s Handball Title Championship. The events of handball championship module verify locate at sextet assorted Slav cities which hit been selected as hosts. These cities allow Split, Zadar, Osijek, Varazdin, Porec and Zagreb, with the opening handball mettlesome and move to be held at Split and the test correct to be held at Zagreb.

The venues for these events are Spaladium Arena in Split, Krešimir ?osi? uranologist at Zadar and Arena Zagreb at Zagreb where the test circumstance module verify place. This Arena is the largest of all the others with a capacity of 15,600 people.  The 24 teams hit been separated into 4 groups of 6 teams each, who module endeavor the Preliminary Rounds starting from 16 Jan 2009 dirt 22 Jan 2009. Group A consists of France, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Argentina and Australia.

The teams module endeavor 16 matches against each another to end the prototypal 3 teams to attain it to Second Round Group 1. Group B consists of Croatia, Sweden, Spain, South Korea, Koweit and Cuba, which module also endeavor against each another in the Preliminary Rounds to end the crowning 3 teams in this group. Group C consists of Germany, Poland, FYR Macedonia, Russia, Tunisia and Algerie and Group D consists of Denmark, Norway, Egypt, Brazil, Srbija and Arabian Arabia.

After the Preliminary rounds, the Second Rounds module move from 22 Jan 2009, and module go through 27 Jan 2009. The teams module again be separated into 4 groups which module endeavor in the Second Rounds. The crowning 3 teams from Group A module endeavor against the crowning 3 teams from Group B in Group I Second round. Similarly, the crowning 3 teams from Group C and the crowning 3 teams from Group D module endeavor against each another in Group II Second round. Teams at 4th, 5th and 6th positions from both Group A and Group B module compete against each another in Group PC-1 to be held at Porec. Similarly, teams at 4th, 5th and 6th positions from Group C and Group D module endeavor against each another in Group PC-II, also to be held at Porec.

The placement matches for the finals for men’s handball championship module move from 27 Jan 2009 and module terminal dirt 29 Jan 2009. Both the semifinal matches module verify locate on 30 Jan 2009, with the test correct attractive locate on 1 Feb 2009. The Bronze Match for Men’s Handball Championship module also verify locate on 1 Feb 2009 between the losers of Semifinal 1 and Semifinal 2.

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