Rabu, 24 Februari 2010

Andrea - Someone Wants to Buy Your Documents

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Do You Have Documents You Want to Sell?

Now you can make money by selling your content on Docstoc's DocStore, the premier marketplace to buy and sell professional documents.

Keep 100% of All Sales - Limited Time Offer

For the first two months you will keep 100% of all sales, so you have nothing to lose. We keep it simple. After the first 60 days sales are then split 50/50 evenly between you and Docstoc with no upfront costs and no hidden fees.

Apply now and take advantage of our promotional offer

Get Started Selling in Less than 2 Minutes!

You can start uploading your documents for sale immediately. Set your own prices and get detailed reports and feedback in real time with your own custom dashboard.


DocStore is the Best Marketplace to Sell Your Documents

* High Sales Conversion Rates
* Comprehensive Dashboard
* Live Phone and Chat Support for Your Customers
* Group Documents in Packages for More Revenue

Sell Documents on YOUR OWN Website or Blog

You can embed your documents on your on site to sell your content directly to the readers that visit your website or blog.

Start selling now with even one document

Start Selling Examples


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