Jumat, 14 Januari 2011

Update to Docstoc Terms of Service

Hi andreaargasantosa,

We're writing to inform you of an update to Docstoc.com. We recently launched our Docstoc Premium Membership. This service provides our users with credits to access our Docstoc Premium Documents, an Ads-free experience, and the ability to download and print documents in our Document Library.

A portion of the documents on Docstoc have been added to the Document Library based on their upload date, document usage & user contributor status. This means that members of Docstoc will be required to have a Premium Membership to download or print these documents.

Some of your documents may have been included in the Document Library. Visitors to Docstoc may require a Premium Membership to download and print those documents, but everyone will still be able to view your documents in their entirety without restrictions. If you would like to exclude your documents from the Docstoc Document Library, simply visit your settings page www.docstoc.com/settings and under the "General" tab check "Exclude my uploads from the Docstoc Document Library". You can change these settings back at any time. To learn more about Docstoc Premium please feel free to visit our FAQ page: www.docstoc.com/FAQ .

Thank you for being a valuable member of Docstoc and for your continued support. If you have any questions please contact us at premiumsupport@docstoc.com - your feedback is always welcome.


The Docstoc Team

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